Sunday, July 23, 2017

A Couple Spider-Tidbits

There's a lot I don't want to say about Spider-Man: Homecoming yet because my brothers still haven't seen it. Tom Holland is the greatest. Everything about his Spider-Man is the greatest. Don't want to belittle the awesome efforts of Maguire or Garfield, but Holland, Halland is the President Workman.

Maybe the "8 years later" is actually a flash-forward to 4 years after the end of the movie, showing that Toomes is back to his operation and that "business is good." Because business didn't look good during the plot itself, what with them having to sell to Donald Glover to move merch.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

The Blame for the Saccharides

I'm not sure but I don't think the family is doing the sugar challenge right now anymore and it's probably basically all my fault, or my sugaring during finals is/was contributory. Ryan still seems to be participating. But man is there really this much sugar in a normal person's everyday? It's a lot.

Anyway it kills me how Bagi survived her own death at the end, there's just no way, "monster of mighty nature" or no...

Friday, July 21, 2017

Short Sentences About School Stopping for Summer

Finished off the, everything, or if not everything something very close to it. Enough to be considered done with the semester. Even if there were a choice in the matter, which temporality does not present. So yeah that's done. Hope I did well.

Home for the first few weeks of the summer, now. Home.

There's Netflix. I've already completed the first book of A Series of Unfortunate Events. Maybe I'll get time sometime for Stranger Things. Buddy Thunderstruck also looks PDG, if you've heard of that? There's a rabbit hole here obviously, but circling the drain is better than being flushed down it, and isn't as tough as it sounds.

I'm just now finishing up with school, and funny thing I've already been seeing Back to School advertisements in places, shopping-type venues. Maybe haha funny. Whichever.

What to do with the summer? Well, I'm here with my family, and that's enough for now. After that... we'll see. Hopefully some epic thing.

Thursday, July 20, 2017


Don't know what to talk about so I'll talk about this.

But it's actually good stuff I promise.

Figured out how to not freak out during finals, by sort of ignoring that there was a deadline but that I still had something that, hey, I should get on. So instead of going nuts on it and doing nothing but projects, I interspersed doing projects with watching internet videos and reading the latest Dan Wells novel (Ones and Zeros, it's called; the latest in his new YA series Mirador, which I absolutely LOVE.) 

And I didn't die. So there's something to be said for the strategy.

But the YouTube I watched was mostly songs from animated Disney films. And I guess, smoothest segue in the world (only the very smoothest even invoke the fact that you're making a segue), that WHAT THE HECK EVEN IS THE RENAISSANCE AGE OF ANIMATION. The first movie in the Disney Renaissance age is the Little Mermaid, of all things. What's up with that? Oliver and Company comes right before, and... and it's a much better movie, just judging off of my memory of it and the songs whose videos I can't even now stop watching. Little Mermaid is... meh. And that's how I feel about most of Disney's animated films from the Renaissance. 

Princesses, I guess. I'm analyzing how strongly I feel about each film of the Disney animated oeuvre of that era, and: the perceived quality of the film, though ostensibly having nothing to do with princess content, is inversely proportional to how much princess there is in any film. Movies starring princesses I dislike the most; movies featuring princesses but focusing on the male leads I find meh; movies that have non-princess female love interests I enjoy the most. I'm not sure if that's just a coincidence, though it'd be a pretty spooky one if it were. (Megara and Nala may be technical royalty but they're not within the Disney Princess canon; they rock, but do they do so coincidentally? I think so, but I'm not disinterested enough to say for sure my own motivations.)

Going backwards outside the 90s, as well, the pattern seems to hold up: can't remember Black Cauldron, whatever, but- Robin Hood, love that film natch, but Maid Marian also not within the Princess canon. 

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

From Tuesday to Wednesday

Why, WHY did I not accomplish a single thing yesterday? I mean, I think I remember I posted about, I did do some thing, that's right I remember it now, the one thing I did all day. That was productive instead of either neutral or active regression. Today was grueling, and it's still not over yet, though maybe it would be if I hadn't spent Tuesday doing SERIOUSLY I CAN'T REMEMBER.

Wait- yeah I can. The first halfish at least. There is much haze there, moreso of than answers.

Didn't get as much as I'd thought I would, done today- I thought that I'd be finished with everything by now, but nope guess not. Luckily this day after the end of the semester wasn't the actual final day where things are finally due; there's still till Friday at 11:59 pm when-- yes pm okay good- when the final PDF is due, all the process books of the semester combined into one massive file. I'd totally be good for that, if the productivity of tomorrow weren't in question. As it is, I am only probably good for that.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

It's the Semi-Final Countdown

I'd been going to say something about being that day gnawed on by a dog and then watching the emergency service vehicles turn around the corner and stop and sit, watching the streetlight come on as the police peeled away leaving only the ambulance in limbo; maybe something about giving a talk in church Sunday making it up mostly on the fly, but with a little preparation, and being told by someone I'd make a good writer. Not sure which anymore; probably the latter, so that I could report on the later-occurring event later. I probably would have gone into some detail about either subject. I'm tired.

I think the semester's officially over, but that doesn't stop me from still having things due Wednesday... I hope. Today I generally spent generally "out of it;" tomorrow needs to be busy. I'm actually well into having the final project done (I mean it's not like I accomplished nothing today); I estimate maybe 5 or 6 more hours tops. It's the multitudinous other things that also need to be done tomorrow that mean that I need to work, perhaps not "hard" but "much." If we weren't leaving the day after, that wouldn't necessarily be the case, but before then I've got errands plentiful. 

Monday, July 17, 2017

You Can't Break Me Down?

Some of the time my posts are just short because there's too much to say so I have no choice but to retreat back to the basics (and especially when I've got too much to say, and I'm busy.) Other times genuinely nothing's happened that day, of course not the case lately.

Sometimes I mean to write much, but am prevented from doing so by the computer crashing on me the way it always does when I watch the music video for The Killers' The Man, for some reason...