Wednesday, April 25, 2018


Well, I got to implement that idea I had, of not using any electronics before noon. Alright, I did check the time, but that's acceptable I think. Other than that, I didn't even use my fitbit, just cus y'know it was out of juice and all, but one of the productive things I could do was find the charger for it, amongst all the unpacked things I brought home. (First place I checked, so... I got it at least, and my fitbit's all juiced up now.)

Waking up at eleven after a late night of, misreading the time at eleven the previous night, there was only one waking hour in which I had to apply the, electronics-free thing... but I feel I got so much done in that hour, so I'm going to call this a success!

Also anyway I'd better head to bed because mom likes my bedtime to be at 11 p.m. all the time.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Lost Carcosa

Had an idea today; no electronics before noon. I'm always at my most productive artistically when I have to entertain myself myself. 

So my brother posted about it today; I was there when it happened, the passing itself not the writing of it (since it had been precomposed into a Google Doc,) but link Link here here. He wrote about Eldritch Horror expansions, but update on that: since the post went up a few hours ago, our lovely mother got us/allowed us to get one of those. Signs of Carcosa. We chose this expansion because our first and till now only was Forsaken Lore, which added new cards and things without really introducing any new game mechanics. On that path, we are further expanding inward rather than outward; this expansion has a few new characters and assets, a couple new things, while still keeping gameplay the same. Other expansions, well there are a few larger ones and a few smaller ones, I think 9 in total, introduce sideboards and, well this one still has the new prelude card things, but anyway. (I was backing Cities in Ruin, a smaller expansion, because basically all it does is introduce a new mechanic; we were also looking at Masks of Nyarlathotep, the latest expansion, a big one, which introduces so many things it could practically be a post unto itself.)

So anyway. Continuing to play prologue games of Pandemic Season II, looking forward to Saturday when we can crack into January for real.

...What about writing, though, on the computer... probably too much of a temptation to, like, look at pinterest while I work though... I've still got that AlphaSmart; don't have to count that as electronic...

Monday, April 23, 2018

So Yeah It Gonna be Big

Some week coming up. "Some" in the, non-sarcastic, sort of way. Pandemic Legacy Season 2 arrived today, in the mail, after our prior ordering of it, over the worldwide web. Played a prologue game to get the hang of it; perhaps we'll play again ere Saturday. 

Saturday is International Tabletop Day, once again; our festivities will consist of playing board games, midnight to midnight. 

Sunday I have a solo section in church choir. Yup.

Thursday, the local clan's basically rented out the theater for the Infinity War premiere. Pre-ordered tickets I mean, and there are a lot of us.

Wednesday it looks like a temple trip.

Tuesday and Friday, ???.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

AutobioGraphic Novels

One of my favorite graphic novels is Fun Home, Alison Bechdel working out her complicated relationship with her late father; there are complex literary references, this interplay with how these things connect to her life (and I tried getting through listening to the cast recording of the Broadway musical adaptation, but just too much was lost in the translation,) and I think that most of life can be put in terms of these frameworks, every moment a puzzle piece fitting more than one place, filling more than one role, a dew drop on more than one strand of spider web

(One of my other favorite graphic novels is Neil Gaiman's Mr Punch, similarly autobiographical and frameworked into subtle cultural allusions.)

Right now, in my life (well, not my life, but the lives of the projects going on,) the literary framework is some cross between The Stranger, by Albert Camus, and The Outsider, the HP Lovecraft story with the twist ending I wouldn't dare spoil. L'Etranger's title is translated, outside of the States, as The Outsider. Yeah. That's the kind of, coincidence/interplay, I'm talking about, although it's not really playing out in my own life so to speak. But, those, and a host of existentialist philosophies, all weaving together and tightening the narrative that I'm writing (which I'd been thinking lately I'd never get to work, its initial conception being so juvenile.) That's good. Another project ripening.

(Alright, I'm not sure how entirely autobiographical Mr Punch is, but I'm led to believe it's at least semi-autobiographical.)

Maus, that's the one I couldn't think of! Also, also non-fiction. It's been a while. (There's this awesome book-with-CD ROM, Meta Maus it's called, and it's jammed with all sorts of archival stuff, alongside the original two volumes.) Pulitzer is fine and good, but I believe Art Spiegelman should get a Nobel prize in literature for his contributions to the form. None of my other favorites would exist without Maus...

Ripening, anyway, but no fruit ever falls from my tree under its own weight. It's always, the winds of deadlines, that kind of thing, that forces those morsels dislodged. And these are all personal projects; there are no deadlines. Hm.

Shatter was the first comic book ever written, arted, and published entirely digitally (am I going on a mind map of comic books now, it looks like I am, though that hadn't been my intent; hold on--) and for some reason the first issue began auto-playing as a slideshow sort of deal on one of our computers as part of its boot-up back in the 90s. Freaked me out if I read too much into it; I only realized what it must have been through some hefty research and a background reference to its existence as part of Scott McCloud's Understanding Comics. It remains pretty obscure; I'm mentioning this now, though, because there was a physical copy of like issue 6 in the old comics section of the magazine rack at the gas station, as we traveled home back from college two weeks ago...! 

(Thought it bore bringing up.)

Saturday, April 21, 2018

It May Take a While to Digest This One; That Said, On the Other Hand I Can't Remember the Last Film I Watched That WASN'T Unusual

With the score for Isle of Dogs, Alexandre Desplat may have proven himself an equal to Ennio Morricone. Which is, of course, insane to contemplate; nonetheless I stand by that claim. Maybe it's all the whistling, I don't know.

Friday, April 20, 2018

A Man; A Root, Too-- Ranama!

Got all this stuff I brought back from college, and now I also need to field all the stuff of mine we'd been keeping in the garage, because now we're clearing out the garage and so all that stuff of mine needs to be put elsewhere as well. Not getting rid of it though. Even as I make the futile effort to outrun some of my past, it turns out a lot of it is yeah stuff I really want to hang on to??

Contemplating this, I looked at a root, which had thorns coming off of it for some reason, and got deja vu, the past overlapping the present. 

The root is symbolic. I don't know what the thorns mean, what does any thorn mean, but the root is probably also symbolic of like root-type stuff.

Or not. It was just a buried thing, some branch of a tumbleweed that had gotten impossibly thick, and gotten crushed and caked under layers of dirt. Not a root at all. But something I could have sworn to seeing once before.

I found them though. All the drawings I'd looked for and hadn't been able to before. I've mentioned a few of them before; here for one, at least, here; and I probably would have mentioned more had I found these before. The first time I ever drew myself with a skunk's body, and a couple times that later canonized this depiction. Is something I would have talked about.

Other than that there's a... I mean things are... heck I've run out of things to say; I just didn't want to end this post on the skunk note is all.


Thursday, April 19, 2018


Finally on my laptop- had to wake up to write this and I couldn't find my Kindle anywhere, so. I'm dreaming I'm Loki, god of mischief, wandering my spacious Asgardian flat and looking for some staff that has power over life and death. Probably left it back on Midgard, that's what I'm leaning toward...

Yeah I really don't know where I'm gonna put all my stuff though. Oops.