Monday, November 20, 2017

The Smiths, The Smiths, and My Mission

I post up a song each year ever since I turned 23, and I'd been toying with the idea of making it "This Year" by The Mountain Goats this year, but then I thought about the birthday stuff in Studio C's The Smiths 2 sketch, and so I looked up The Smiths, which is also a band of course. And it turns out they(The Smiths)'ve got a birthday song? It's apparently on Strangeways, Here We Come, which I checked out of the library once but I don't think I remember this track. (It's probably one of the albums I didn't get to, is why; I checked out like all the The Smiths albums at the same time, and didn't get around to them by the time they were due.)

The song itself is named, Unhappy Birthday. Because The Smiths.

Anyway I've been thinking about my mission lately. Yesterday marked the three-year anniversary of my homecoming, and I only noticed it today. I've almost spent as much time at school here, by now, as I did on my mission. Yoikes.

Elder Susov appeared in my dream last night, and I'm getting flashbacks today of Elder Glenn enthusiastically doing the "hooray!" in the "You've Had a Birthday, Shout Hooray" song. Also, there's some Elder Rose stuff I talk about on A Real Thing instead of writing more NaNoWriMo, for some reason. I had two companions named Elder Smith, but they aren't actually any of the Smiths I thought about today.

So. I wrote extensively in my journal, on my mission, but never quite finished it. There's still the last week, week and a half to write about. I do have notes, and it being three years and all and those memories fading I'd been going to arrange those notes finally, today, but never got around to it and/or forgot to. 

Maybe after NaNoWriMo?

Sunday, November 19, 2017


Well, it's still not my-- and it just turned midnight here, alright. Well then. 

Um, I really don't have much to say. Just finished my post on A Real Thing, it's a good one. The Meridian Idaho temple was dedicated today. I ate like 3/4ths of a pie by myself today; I really mean these to be, for everyone, things, but nobody seems to want-- I mean I suppose I could ask them, but it's one of those things you figure would go without saying. 

Is it like a "conservative people" thing, to be really, uppity about the notion of personal property? I went for a walk today, and I was inadvertently trespassing left and right. And I'm lucky I didn't get shot. I've heard that "conservative people" like going around shooting each other for such infractions. So maybe that's why nobody ate my pie but me? 

I mean, if it were one of my roommates' pies... then I wouldn't even go near that thing, because they're "conservative people," and I have gotten in trouble in the past for, personal property, issues, like using their, pots or whatever. I'm officially forbidden from using anybody's, pots and whatever, so, yeah.

But if my roommates weren't "conservative people," I'd be, at least inquiring, about that pie's relationship status, whether they and their pie are "going steady." 

I don't understand politics, is the moral of the story.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Perfect Timing

I could have gotten more NaNoWriMo in today, but I wrote some setting stuff for Other//half instead, in an attempt to work out what my 4-page comic is going to be (retroactively: was already,) as part of the comic book workshop showcase book. I think I know, there's something I did on my mission or just after it that would fit perfectly in four pages, but the notes for that are at home. Luckily I'll be heading there in a couple of days, eh?

The writing I did do today though, well I did finish off section 14 of my outline TTDECBA-wise, but I meant the writing for the Other//half project: the sheer nature of the technological advancements that would need to have taken place by the time the main plot is set, it's rife with political conflict and interesting story possibilities. That's why I said I wrote some "setting stuff," today, instead of "backstory" or "worldbuilding." It's been over five years since I first mentioned it, but the future world of Other//half really would be a killer setting for an RPG, with so many intriguing campaigns able to take place any number of places along the world's timeline.

As far as NaNoWriMo does go, I'm just about 3,000 words behind from where I need to be average-wordcount-per-day-wise. Thanksgiving is on the way, though, and good thing too, like I said-- within 72 hours of writing this, I'll be in a car, on a long trip home with almost nothing to do. 

Minor spoilers, but looking at the outline, the scene I'm going to be on by then will be an auction scene and the lead-up to a heist, the execution of which takes up much of part 6 (I just finished part 4.) So we'll see how I handle that.

Also, I'm turning 26 tomorrow. It being past midnight in this timezone as I finish this post. I just realized this. Which means hopefully I'll get some birthday money, I'm not sure if I'm too old for that, but seriously I tried logging in/signing up for the online bank card thing with the new plasma debit card, and I can't get past the ReCaptcha. Maybe I could, attach the number to my PayPal, and send the money to myself? Anyway, if I am getting money tomorrow, then it truly is a time for thanksgiving, because, look at all this fortunate timing.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Chili Jr

I guess I still haven't told you the story of last chili cook-off. It's not the only thing I promised to tell you about but haven't got around to, so we'll just put a dog-ear in that for now. What matters for today's post is, there was another one. Another chili cook-off, this afternoon.

I got third place. Made the same chili, basically, as I'd made last time, so I knew it would place, or at least suspected it would (it tying for first last time.) It being third just meant it was called first, which means the suspense was least, so I'm thrilled. My prize, $50 off of rent for next semester, nets me a $25 value after spending about $25 on ingredients. Hold on, I've got my receipt right here... $19.32, spent on ingredients, not counting tax, also providing me with a good meal or two's worth of leftovers.

I'd said I wasn't going to be buying anything else this month, but I technically have $45 more this month after paying tithing, if I'm able to donate plasma both Monday and Thursday of the week after Thanksgiving. I tapped into that fact to pay for ingredients: $45 is more than the $41.71/$41.62 of the budget I'd had, which means that I still was able to use the old card to pay for groceries, knowing I'd just cover the difference in the due balance using the new card. 

Which would be cleaner, anyway, also, since I'd only have to figure out how to transfer money from my new card to pay for everything (both grocery cost of this Monday, and the tithing cost of the Monday after next,) instead of figuring out how to transfer money from the new one and the old one, and pooling from both (the old card to cover the price of last groceries and the new card to pay tithing due.) Now, I just have to pool the new card into my bank account, and cover the grocery cost AND the tithing money in the same transaction. Linking the old card up, only to need to use it for one transaction, that's not very efficient. This idea is way better. If it works.

And if it doesn't... birthday money will probably be in the mail on Monday?

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Eritrea, Caesurae, & um Ordet again I guess

Doing some thinking, the slash marks do represent path parts in URLs. The double slash is restricted solely as a separator between scheme and authority parts, though, so there wouldn't be able to be an, just an, which just isn't the same. And though there is a .er, it belongs to a tiny African nation so small I've never seen it on any map before, located on the horn between Ethiopia and Somalia, which doesn't use its own top-level domain anyway and actually allegedly has an even worse media freedom track record than North Dang Korea. So that's a double-shot shut-down.

There are a lot of cool ways to pronounce "/" though, so maybe I'd be able to name the website after that instead. Virgula, Shilling, Solidus, the list goeth onward and onward. Caesura, kind of, if you want to indicated both slashes at the same time. That'd be dope.
That hash mark in the above URL is also a great example of the introduction of a fragment identifier, as long as we're talking about punctuation allowed in URLs. Anyway.

Taylor, who runs comic book workshop, really likes the New 52, and the Man of Steel movie, and has been told he's somehow not a true comic book fan for doing so, even though he's like the biggest comic book nerd most of us will have the pleasure of knowing. He had a big "rant" about this at the beginning of the workshop yesterday evening, which I walked in late for (getting in right after it wrapped up) but which I picked up the details of later (I was a few minutes late because I was working on my novel and also waiting around for baby news, but, realizing it would have been my O/h launch date if not for the first thing, I set off for workshop in spite of the second thing. I've got my email on my phone anyway so I didn't really miss anything in that department.) 

Like what you like, basically the moral of the rant boiled down to. I'm not sure if what comes next is a caveat to that, or a separate point entirely.

If there is anything virtuous, lovely, of good report, or praiseworthy, we seek after these things, Joseph Smith said, speaking for the values of the whole church. The workshop part of the workshop wrapped up ten minutes early so Taylor could give a lesson on that- there are two sliding scales, one of morality and one of quality, and ideally the media we consume should be on the high end of both those scales, not just one or the other. 

It's part of what makes Ordet such a great movie, is how it's high-quality but also really boldly Christian, though I use the word with some reservations. Most Christian entertainment is, well, Christian entertainment, you see-- but Ordet is, more like, an excellent movie about Christians, that also happens to have one or two major miracles brought on from simple childlike faith.

Um yeah, just a couple follow-ups from yesterday's post, and I guess nothing really happened today. It rained all day. I don't know.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Nanowrimo, Mamihlapinatapai, & Ordet

Today's the day that Other//half would have gone up had I not decided to go into NaNoWriMo this year instead (no TTDECBA post up yesterday, sorry about that I was tired and didn't know where to go with the story, but it's all good now; I've put in some connective tissue. Which makes me, two days behind, again, after catching up and everything, but there's going to be a long car ride home for Thanksgiving so it's not like I'll have anything else to do.) Also, URLs don't allow the "/" symbol in them, just letters numbers and the minus/dash sign, so I'm not sure how I would have done/will do that.

I decided at least to go to Comic Book Workshop this evening. Make some token advancement toward O/h, and it would give me something better to do than wait as my incredibly pregnant sister-in-law burst. The Workshop is doing a thing, like a comic book showcase that participants in the workshop can submit to, four pages max of comic, per person; I know how to use InDesign so I volunteered to be the one to assemble the digital file for print. Submissions are due on the 30th, so it looks like I've got half a month to get something Other//half-related done after all. Maybe I won't have it done by Friday, but the deadline is after then, so I may as well have submitted my comic by the time Justice League rolls out, and I'm the only one who would know any different since I'd be submitting to myself anyway.

I'm the only one, that is, besides all of you, whom I've just told.

Umm, shoot, I may have to kill you all now.

Naw, just kidding. Anyway, after Comic Book Workshop, whom should I run into as I step out of the room at the end but Nick and, um Mrs Nick, from Art Night. Hm, I should know her name, she was the one I designed the cat-astronaut tattoo for in that tattoo debacle. Weahhll I'll think of it. Anyway, they were checking out the Wayne Kimball exhibit, and I invited them to art night. Apparently they weren't sure if it was happening that day, so they went to Carla's house and didn't see anyone over so they decided to check to Wayne Kimball exhibit out instead. I told them it was indeed going on that week, just not last week, and so we, after spending a bit more time checking out the Wayne Kimball exhibit until it closed because oh muh gursh he is such a good artist, set out to art night together.

I showed them the shortcut I use to get there, and talked about um myself, I guess, since that was the subject of conversation.

Upon arriving at Carla's house, the lights were on but nobody seemed to be in the dining room, which you can see through the window. There were three of us, and I don't think even Yaghan has a word for three people exchanging looks when all three of them want something done but nobody wants to do it, so I rang the doorbell. Even if there hadn't been going to be art night that night, three people had just shown up, and that would instigate art night in just a de facto sense.

It turns out that there had been going to be art night that night, just nobody showed up, so they decided to eat dinner instead. In the kitchen instead of the dining room, and lit by candles instead of electricity because it's fun, so it hadn't looked like anyone was in there when in fact there was.

We ate Oreos in the candlelight, and instead of doing art we decided to watch a foreign film instead, that an art night friend whom I had not met before, also named Nick, wanted to show everyone. It's called Ordet, which probably means "The Word" in Danish, you know, most likely.

Ordet is probably my favorite Danish film now. It shares a director with The Passion of Joan of Arc, and an actress with Babette's Feast, the two other Danish films I can name off the top of my head and have seen. There's a childbirth gone wrong as a central plot point, which is pretty harrowing even on days when your sister-in-law isn't going into labor. As a film it's allegedly slow-paced, but I watch a lot of movies like that so I really didn't notice. But it's an amazing film, and I know I say that about almost every movie I see, but I try to learn at least 5 things from every movie (since when? since now) and I learned nothing but good things from this one. Not just as a film, but as a work of art that has a lot to say about Christianity and morality and mortality and the nature of faith.

Oh also I made S with Rumble this morning. Not even S- or anything. I'm really not sure if I deserve it, since I died precisely one more time this time than I did the last time I made "just" S-, with my kill/death/assist score being otherwise the same, but~~.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017


Settling up my tithing debts, making sure the math is all squared away; there's a temple dedication this sunday you need to be a worthy temple recommend holder, and thus a full tithe payer, to watch. It would be nice to have money right now, but my patriarchal blessing specifically mentions how rad it is to pay tithing, so.

But man if I had money, I just found something fantastic to blow it on.

It's a cooperative board game called Mechs vs Minions, and I'd heard of it, seriously ranked 21 on Boardgamegeek, but it's also, um, like, super pricey. Like, up there with Gloomhaven, pricey. I'm only talking about it here instead of immediately adding it to my wishlist, it's so pricey. I could get 6 of those t-shirts I linked to yesterday, for the price of one of these games.

But it turns out that it's a League of Legends board game. And not just any League of Legends board game, but one more-or-less based around the champion I main as.

But I, like, it blows my mind; the whole scenario behind the game is that it's academy training gone wrong, put on by my main man Rumble, training his fellow yordles how to fight in mech suits against minions the way he do. He doesn't come as a playable character, like no miniature of him as far as I know, but there's a campaign, and stuff to unlock, so I don't know. But the game does come with painted miniatures, of Ziggs, and Heimerdinger, and Tristana, and Corki, and you won't know those characters if you don't know your League, but I know those characters, and I love playing those characters (as bad as I am at some of them,) and I hate playing against those characters, and this is super exciting to know that this is a thing.

Also it's a programming game and that's one of my favorite game mechanics.


Uuum so actually never mind, good news, it's actually just super expensive on Amazon for some reason, must be a Wave 1 thing, and Wave 2 is available on the official Riot Games store for half of Amazon's price, here. BONUS. Still not going on my Amazon wishlist, but, you know. The link's right there if anybody's interested.