Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Wibbly Rangerdanger

Well, make this quick. Because I'm tired, and the computer's been having the obnoxious habit lately of randomly hitting a bad boot sector and flipping to the BIOS screen on me; I really should take it down to the shop and see about it. 

Turns out the art tours haven't happened this semester yet like I'd reported they had? So my missing art night a couple of weeks ago was, just, I missed another round of custom-art MASTERPIECE for nothing.

But it also means there still might be an opening, and I might graduate after this semester instead of next! Maybe. If there's any seats left available; I've heard rumours that there may.

(Rumors the "u" spelling in honour of the Fleetwood Mac album.)

Monday, February 19, 2018

Dye Dye Dye

So I tried dying my hair today, because it's Presidents' Day and I had all day to try something nuts. My hair is very dark, though. And the dye box, like the instructions weren't in it because I got it second-hand (at a yard sale maybe? heck for all I know I might have just found it in the garbage or, I think it was just sitting there in a back alley wasn't it? along with the dinosaur-shaped rubber bands; whatever happened to those?) I'd probably have to bleach my hair first to dye it. I don't think I have brown hair; thought I did, all my life, up till today. Now I think my hair color is actually closer to black. Because if it's brown, it's a very, very dark brown.

So yeah I think there is a very subtle difference, but mostly all my hair is now is dry.

So I've got this card from Art Night, I may have told you about it but it's from that, artist-made original art, game of Masterpiece that we played? Looking up the artist's instagram, it's got 2,300 likes. 2,301 likes, now, because I just liked it.

I'm not sure how valuable that makes the art, but probably yes, pretty darn.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

? Pop

It's at 64 views now, with 2 whole likes and only one dislike. I'M NOT SURE I CAN HANDLE THE FAME; I THOUGHT THIS WOULD BE AWESOME BUT I'M FREAKING OUT.

So I've been basically sitting around all day waiting for Ryan to text so that I can rush out and covertly snap some pics of... well of him proposing to his girlfriend (this might come as news to some people, but probably not anybody reading this,) finally get the text, get some reeeal good pictures, and there's also a videographer.... but nobody's in a good angle to get the proposal itself. 

Very funny.

So we're going to have to swing by tomorrow to get the security camera footage and maybe take photos of that instead, from the managers of the apartment complex where the proposal took place. There was a tree set up, along with candles and rose petals on the ground, so maybe the tree also obscured the vision of the camera; we'll have to see.

Now both of my roommates are engaged? That's fun.

Andrew got married when he was 23; Ryan, it's going to be when he's 25 if I'm doing the math right; and me... in order to keep up this pattern, I've got, 19 months I think.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Wurd of Wizzum


Yeah so I always gain like a bunch of weight over the holidays but figured I'd have at least started losing some of that by now, like I usually do, but I think if anything I've gained weight since then too/instead.

I've finally built up enough of an egg (?) with plasma donation money that I can pay my tithing finally, even taking into account all the money earned in order to pay it. I'm at $299 to pay, currently. And I've got no idea how this new electronic tithing payment system works.

With enough money left over for groceries. Which I need to buy. Because like SPAM was one of the only things available to me today; I've been on food storage for the whole week.

Healthy groceries. Salads. Fruits, vegetables. There were those at the art exhibit opening last night, the refreshment table, so it's not like I've been completely without them, but they need to be comprising a far greater percentage of my diet than they currently are (and the fact that I pointed to hors d'oeuvres from a day ago goes in support of this.)

With all my bank money in savings, I'm trying to use the plasma money as my exclusive spending money. The debit card that the plasma money gets wired to, though, has like a $.25 surcharge fee whenever you use it to buy groceries.

I've been trying to use it as my PayPal default, but for some reason it doesn't stick??

And then I can eat wisely.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Voodoo Raggyshark

Which is more important, being good or doing it my own way, some way that's never been done before? Ideally all your fresh produce would be both organic and local, but not everyone lives in California, and you're forced to chose. (Chose local, by the way.)

But thinking on this dilemma, I realized, I don't have to chose. Doing it my own way is invariably where the highest quality is. The latest video, the whole thing in general is kind of a, nonsense migraine of computer vomit, or whatever, but the stick puppet scenes are somehow, on a plane of quality much higher than the rest of it.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Video Ragnarok

I managed to upload yesterday's video early this morning, but looking at it again YouTube, isn't actually tricked, changing the time zone on your computer? Well, all my vlogs managed to get in during the month they were set, and that's what really counts.

Halfway through editing the video though I was struck by how, just, weird these are. A lot of that has to do with the concept, but a lot of it also has to do with the quality/lack thereof. Continuing to try to get good audio quality, but the microphone is actually so, good, I guess, that speaking normally as near to it as I try to do, it's just too loud and you lose a lot of the, sensitivity or whatever. Also the puppet, it's just terribly upholstered, and the mouth is so hard to move I barely even try, just sort of bobbing the head and pretending... thinking of maybe skinning the puppet, trimming the mouth shape somehow, and reskinning it? Or maybe just constructing a new different puppet entirely; I've got the materials for it.

Or maybe just switch the tack entirely.

Even if I find a perfect volume at which to speak, and somehow get crisp echo-free audio, and have professional-level production, another problem is my voice. It's not the most melodious thing in the world.

And I never get enough time to polish anything as much as I'd like, since my workflow consists of waiting until the last possible minute and getting it in late anyway... The whole thing is just a morass of sweaty embarrassment. 

I was watching a Game Theory video, and that stuff is just, such a high level of quality. Does MatPat do it all himself, or is there a host of bts guys we don't know about? He probably makes enough money that it could go either way; he could have it as a full-time job, or, even be an employer of his own. I don't want to be a millionaire; I just want to be able to produce something that level of quality. But do it my own way, whatever that means.

Not that I enjoy being poor, THAT much... sure, I'd love a million dollars. But I'd just spend it on, more of this.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Heart of the Dog

Art night we syncretized Valentine's Day and the Chinese New Year, cutting out paper ornaments but like Valentines. Thinking about this while I was there, I thought about global communication allowing us to share disparate traditions and cultures. Are we moving toward a World Culture? And if that happens, well we lose the elements that created it?

Then I researched, unrelated, the trope We All Live in America. And I don't think it's happening.