Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Doctor, Feel Good

Maybe I felt guilty about... oh, I daren't say it. Whenever the mission choir was scheduled to sing at the same time the Tabernacle Choir was scheduled to sing, a few of my fellow elders and I hookied the mission choir to go see the Tab Choir instead. Phew, I said it anyway. 

Whatever it was I felt guilty about on Sunday (still trying to figure it out,) I know I had a post in it somewhere.

So anyway NOTHING LEFT TO LOSE came in the mail yesterday, and, yep, so far it's my favorite John Cleaver book (big ol' shocker.) I mean, OVER YOUR DEAD BODY had its moments, like with the oooh and the ohhh and the ahhh, but dang it Dan Wells how you so good? I've, I've said how he's my favorite, right? Because he is.

And there's a new show coming out Monday nights on ABC? This, The Good Doctor, thing. There was a commercial for it Monday Night Football (I was in the lounge to read my book, because the light in the bedroom went kaput a couple days ago apparently,) and all I saw of it was that it stars Freddie Highmore, and is called The Good Doctor. "The Good Doctor," I declaimed theatrically, though I had no idea what it meant. Like The Brave One, or The Good Dinosaur, or something; if they make a biopic of me for some reason, especially one set during the late 2014, early 2015ish era, I'd want it to be called, The Mighty One... so the title actually hit a little close to home for me, as vagueish and lamish as it may seem.

But I saw a full version of the commercial today on YouTube, no distractions or anything so I could actually make out what people are saying. It's about Dr Shaun Murphy, this, Freddie-Highmore-aged chap, and he's a doctor, and he's a good doctor, because-- because!-- he's somewhere on the autism spectrum (the website states "autism and savant syndrome," whatever that means,) and being that and having that gives him, doctory superpowers?

Sounds about right!

This is ABC we're talking about, and I trust their track record with this sort of, thematic, material, lest you think I'm being too churlish toward them; they're the ones who portray cerebral palsy so brilliantly in the sitcom Speechless (though to be fair that does star an actor who actually has cerebral palsy; Freddie Highmore is, of course as far as I'm aware, neurotypical.) I love neurodiversity in the media if they bother getting it right (just one of the reasons I love Dan Wells so much;) I trust the writers/producers on this show, whoever they may be, to have done their homework on this. 

Actually to be frank I'm going to be disappointed if they don't have little Adam-Ruins-Everything-style sources, or, cameo Temple Grandin, or something.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Celestia Kingdom

One week into this semester and, boy has it been a long one. Each day so long an' momentous an' all. Still can't recall that regret from church; maybe it has to do with tithing...?

So I've had this recurring idea, and sometimes I even dream that it comes to pass (but then get disappointed when I think back on it and realize it was just a dream,) for whatever reason they mention bronies during General Conference? For whatever reason, again, I don't know.

But this conference takes place the day after the My Little Pony movie comes out. They have to bring it up. They just have to...

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Cruel New Word That Hath Such Poodles in It

Somebody said something at some point which triggered the memory of something I regret or somesuch, and I believe that I'd been going to write about that, and it would also have tied to my current situation whatever that may be. Truest of true. 

Can't recollect currently though. I regret much a lot. Nothing's really standing out above the rest. 

All that's coming natural now is words unrelated. Like seriously the words are all unrelated to one another.

The westerners brought gunpowder and by the strength that was in their arms made many a righteous [mumble mumble mumble] 

got their land and that was good enough. 

And that kid was drowning. 

I may be channeling something. More likely not tho'.

Saturday, September 16, 2017


I posted earlier, let me see if I can find it here it is, that maybe I'm electric lizard, electrizard, but maybe I'm just normal cold-blooded. Sleep patterns determined by temperature, temperaturnal. Because it's been getting cold lately finally, and I napped grazillion hours today, waking about once an hour when my Fitbit buzzed for me to take 250 steps that hour. 

Lack of sleep more likely, attempting to stay up until Ryan woke up (until I realized I could just set my alarm to right before his went off) so that I could tell him to look for my art.

Which I don't think he found. They probably got rid of it at the beginning of summer semester instead, so, probably while I was away at family reunion?

Friday, September 15, 2017

Art Pickup Redux Same Result

Alright so my print finals from last semester I arrived a few hours too late to pick up from the art office, so they've been sitting in the art office all summer; I forgot about them in the meantime. I was a few hours too late today to pick them up, realizing (i.e. getting the email) only after the office closed today that they'd still be in there- and it being the end of the week they dispose of the projects unclaimed. 


Luckily I happen to have a brother who happens to live with me who happens to work in that building in a role that happens to involve taking out the trash... but he's sleeping right now. ...

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Wolf and Hound

So it turns out that OVER YOUR DEAD BODY isn't the latest John Cleaver book; Book 6, NOTHING LEFT TO LOSE, came out earlier this year (I knew that it was finished because Dan Wells tweeted as much, but I didn't know it had already been published.) I've already ordered it over Barnes and Noble's website (getting free shipping due to my membership) and it should arrive about as I finish book 5. So excited.

The downside of the Alta HR is that, in spite of its name, it doesn't count the number of stairs I climb in a day. I know I already climb at least 10 because our apartment is upstairs and I go outside at least 10 times a day.

Lupin III: The Castle of Cagliostro was shown as a Fathom Movie Events special feature. It's Miyazaki's feature-length directorial debut, and is both 100% Lupin III and 100% Miyazaki*. I think I saw part of it on the Syfy channel once, back when it was still Sci Fi probably; it was a while ago. But the most familiar part of it was how acquainted I am with that era of Miyazaki; he left a television show to direct this film**. Sherlock Hound, it's called, and he directed 6 episodes of it, those episodes having many a plot point in common with The Castle of Cagliostro. The whole show is available legally on YouTube, here's the whole playlist:

And if you're only going to watch one episode, for heaven's sake make it this one, though all of the first five~six on the playlist are amazing (being the ones directed by him; the playlist is out of order with the Miyazaki episodes first):

21:20-40 are about the greatest frames ever committed to television.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

John Cleaver 5

Went up to the big city today (the role of the big city in this part of the world being played by Idaho Falls.) There was a, thing, and then also a place, but anyway none of that matters other than I was invited to go with. It's been more than a year since I've been to Hastings so I said yes.

According to his phone's GPS's Google though, the Hastings there is permanently closed.

You could see it from the outside, as we passed on the way to the "also a place," and it didn't look like it had burned down. Maybe only on the inside? I don't know. Could still go other places, like to the Barnes and Noble, where I picked up Dan Wells's latest John Cleaver book, OVER YOUR DEAD BODY. I'm 61 pages into it, at the chapter break (can't remember the chapter number but I remember the page number, go figure) and... dang. Just dang. Have I told you how good these books are? Like there's this huge twist (which is spoiled on the back cover, I mean it is only chapter 4 or whatever, and besides you would've been able to guess that it would happen just thinking about the scenario the characters are all in) but it's the juiciest most dramatic most amazing thing and I honestly have no idea what's going to happen next and ohhh it's just so good those are such good books I mean you think the first one is good but the second one is even better and the third one is better than that and the fourth one is pretty good kinda rough at the start since there's a time skip between the two trilogies and you need to be caught up but once you are the fourth one is even better than the third, but the fifth one... I have no idea how the sixth one is going to top it. I just, I just don't know...